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  1. That seems unfortunate. I hope they reduce the multicast traffic and the issue with small files.
  2. Sure it could be done. But it would require far less to implement nested shares. With nested shares this becomes far easier. If you move the files out of the folder, and create hardlinks to the btsync folder I guess it would work, but it would still be a sub-par solution.
  3. Why would you use BTSync for backups? They actually make backup software that has had their encryption reviewed and is supplied by trusted companies. I agree the prices is crazy for many of these services, and I do wish that I could extract the torrent files and add them to a normal seedbox (they have far better prices). If you were to only transfer a few documents I would rather have a couple of friends seed it for me. Or leave the files on my fileserver. But in that usecase I don't see why anyone would use BTSync and not sftp or rsync. If not for the P2P part, what is the point? The lack of good version conflict resolving makes it useless for collaboration. The only usecase I can see is if you need to share a large folder with several other people.
  4. The biggest obstacle is the lack of nested shares. P2P yields no advantadge if you can't actually do P2P. As it is now you could end up in a situation where you need one share per file, and that is obviously difficult to acheive effectivly. If I could make virtual shares I would be able to share with the users what they need, and they would provide bandwidth.
  5. Can BitTorrent Sync have one server and many read only users? Yes, you can have as many read-only users as you would like. Whether the data from the read only user to another read only user transmitted correctly (same as on server)? I have no idea what you are asking. But with multiple read-only nodes the files will be transmitted between them and from the server. So if the server goes down you can still get updates from other peers. Why the server loading data from users read-only? Is it?
  6. How do you suggest you "bond" two sepparate internet connections? Any Bittorrent client with respect for itself can bind to multiple interfaces. Me for instance, I have two internet connections, my ISP would never let me "bond" them, but I could still use both for BTSync to increase speeds. To use two shares would be an option if the share is small, for terrbyte sized shares not as much.
  7. By folders do you mean shares? It is confusing when we don't use the same terminology. Share: A sync folder Folder: An actual folder, a share can contain many folders
  8. Why on earth would it do this? Unless you are seeding there is no point in reindexing the files.
  9. But for uptime BTSync would be terrible. And you certanly won't get ZERO downtime. Raid can protect you against hardware failure, with ZERO downtime as he asks for. ZFS for instance can be sent to another server too, for an offline backup identical to the first. If all drives dies, just plug in one from the backup location. Raid is a far better solution.
  10. Tried this?
  11. Wouldn't a raid be infitintivly more usefull for this purpose?
  12. If I share a folder with you and my mother, then you will upload to my mother, and my mother will upload to you. If I create to separate shares, and share one with you and one with my mother, I will have to upload it to both, and be online until both finishes. In the first scenario using BTSync makes sense, in the second it is a waste of cpu-cycles as a webserver or sftp server would do the same job with far less overhead. Having the downloaders seed to eachother is paramount for this software to have any purpose. cpu-cycles and I/O Is abundant in home systems, but upload bandwidth isn't.
  13. But then you can't cross seed, so you lose the advantadges of P2P.
  14. Known issues1.BitTorrent Sync may handle events incorrectly in the following cases:•.!sync files are changed outside of BitTorrent Sync•no free disk space left Took me a while to find it. I just love PDFs, I wish they could use a bigger font and upload it in PNG; would make searching and reading more fun. Does this apply for read-only nodes and encrypted-only nodes? If so isn't it a pretty big security problem?