Sync Status Remains Un-Synced (There Are Still Up And Down Arrows)


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I syncronize a folder called DOCUMENTS between my two computers.

When I go to the DEVICES tab and look at the STATUS column, it does not say SYNCED, as the other folders do - it gives an UP ARROW that says 71.5kB and a DOWN ARROW that says 83.0kB. It has been like this all day.


I have rebooted BTsync and both computers.

I have also removed that particular folder and re-added it with a new secret, all to no avail.

There is nothing locking the file.


Any idea why there is unsynced data?

What can I do to resolve this?




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I'm also having this issue, but only from my Windows-PC.


In this scenario, I have a Linux-Server running in the Internet, a Mac and a Windows-PC, the latter two in different networks. The Mac-instance can't punch holes via UPnP. The share has 50 GB and around 8000 files.


Now, the Windows-PC won't sync with the Linux-instance, always just showing how much it has to upload.


BUT it syncs with the Mac-instance.


The Mac-instance syncs with both Linux and Windows.


I thought it's some problem with my setup, but I've tried:

  • different client-versions
  • cleaning AppData and reinstalling the client to no avail
  • adding another Linux-instance on a different machine & IP
  • looking at the debug-log on both sides

all to no avail.


I've given up for now and I'm hoping a future version will fix this.


I'm just wondering: Are the devs aware of this problem or is it just me?



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Hi sebknzl,


Development is definitely aware of the issue. The main obstacle in resolving "My sync got stuck" issue is numerous different reasons that causing it.


I would really appreciate if you can supply me with your logs full debug output from all your 3 machines when sync got stuck.

In your case I would suspect either different characters case on Linux and Mac PCs - OR permissions issue.



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Hi RomanZ!


I've sent you a PM with logs and a description.


Trying again on a new Windows-account and fresh instances on Linux, I have spotted a difference.


It works with a Linux where the ifconfig-output looks normal (i.e. lo and eth0) but it doesn't work

with an unusual configuration. If it doesn't work, it attempts to synchronize, transfers at 0.2k/s for about 10 seconds and then stops.


On the Windows-side, it logs


[2014-01-31 13:12:22.435] Torrent \\?\C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\test\Wildlife.wmv status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:1 io:0


The "unusual configuration" is an OpenVZ-instance and ifconfig reports something like






where only venet0:0 has the actual public IP, both others are 127/8-addresses.


I have actually posted an LD_PRELOAD-hack before (see post of mine) but

of course I didn't use that now for this test-case.



Hope that helps.



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