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Ubuntu One had this and I thought is was a great feature. You synced all your data to the cloud and if you wanted to share it with someone you ould "Publish" it and it would create a download link for that specific file and then the user could download the file directly from that link.


Good Bye Ubuntu One. Sniff... Sniff...

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True. But related (please split into separate thread if you wish):

It would be nice to have BTSync URLs pointing to a single file, like btsync://A1234ABCDDEADBEEF/folder/file.jpg. Of course that would only work if BTSync was already installed, but it could download a single file from the share given and ask the user where to put it. After the download is complete, the share would be removed automatically.

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I'm in need of a file share link as well. I want to do away with Dropbox and allow users to right click on a file that they have sync'd to the BTS server, generate a link that that can be emailed to anyone and allow that recipient to download the file without BTS being installed on the recipient's machine.


I've read here that Linux has a client app that will allow this but not for windows or Mac. If users could easily share file links with non BTS users, I could migrated everyone to it and drop my DB subs.



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Would there not be a way to have a volatile (limited validity) read-only secret for a single file?

Every bittorrent sync instance can find information about a secret (i send only the secret to the other side of the world, and that sync instance finds the information to connect to my computer), so why can't a specifically set up website(i think here is the issue?) find this information and then download this specific file?

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Hey there.


My quote is the way I want it to work.



In general I +1 this.


This feature can be devided into three different things playing together:


Number one: Allowing not only mobile phones but as well regular computer nodes to hold only some files they currently need, ignore others just for the moment and receive them when they are required.


Number two: Find some UI to select a single file in my file system and call it "enforce to appear on a distinct, selectable other node" which triggers the "Number one: Selective sync" part of another sync node to receive this file.


Number three: Set up an ordinary webserver wherever that other selective sync node lives.


The "Number two" part could be extended to "and allow the file to be cleaned up after a couple of days".


The "Number three" part could be extended to "providing a specific scure download link containing an expiration day and an argument hash, the target webserver can verify that hash and decide if the link is really created by btsync or just guessted". Like "http://my.server/download.php?file=folder/folder/folder/file.pdf&expires=1409184496&mac=xxxxxxxxxxxx", where "xxxxxxxxxxxx" is calculated as mac of file argument, expires argument and a shared secret, e.g. the readonly secret of the corresponding share.


I think just "selective sync for regular computers" feature would be enough to allow the community to create everything else. The server part shouldn't be that much of a problem and at least windows integration should be pretty easy by utilizing windows explorers "send to" mechanism.




And here is how to do it :)


Wooha. The API might provide everything we need.



1: Set up a server where btsync lives having an API key instaled.

2: Connect your local share through "add_folder" with the "selective" attribute.


So everything we need to create is:

1: Setup some "prevent downloads" script on the remote machine.

2: Create a "Send to" thingy which calls the "set_file_prefs" on the remote machine.


As soon as I receive my API key I'll give it a try. Creating a prototype should be done on just a couple of hours.




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