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  1. Just giving my two cents: I'm also not too happy with the idea that suddenly a certain bit of functionality is being dropped while they said they were going to keep it like "the good 'ol days". We were setting up a system with over 50 different synced folders. Now that functionality is gone. Based on this thread started to look at syncthing, i'm getting all excited again! It's opensource! You can actually dig in the software and find the exact codelines where the connections are being handled. THAT is what i really like! Syncthing seems to me the way to go! On top of all of that, not
  2. Perfect! Thank you very much for this answer, that was exactly what I was looking for! I have my raspberry pi now on a read-only key and it's always on, so it can propagate changes to the other clients! Thanks again trevellyan, for this clear answer!
  3. Hi boys and girls, I bet this question must have been asked a gazillion times, but still i can't find a clear answer: Client (A ) runs sync with a readonly key and completely syncs with Read/Write client (B ), comes along R/W client (C ) when client (B ) is offline. Will client (A ) upload this new data to client (C ) although he's supposed to only have a read-key? Thank you!!! Max - Happy syncer
  4. Would it be possible to set not only the limit in amount of days that older versions of files are being kept, but also how MANY versions are being kept? I'm currently developing a software and every time i test the code it exports 20 files that according to Sync are newer versions of old files. So i end up having 280 versions of these files. Whatever limit comes first will start deleting the oldest versions. Thank you!!!
  5. Hi guys! I would like to propose a feature: At the moment when i re-save a file in word, it overwrites the file and start synchronizing it to my other devices. There, the old version of the file gets moved to the Sync-archive folder and the new file takes its place. Now i would like the same thing to happen on the first machine, so that when i mistakenly overwrite a file, i don't have to go and get the original file at one of the secondary devices in the network. I can't imagine that's a though feature since it's already doing it for updated files that come from an other machine. Thank
  6. Would there not be a way to have a volatile (limited validity) read-only secret for a single file? Every bittorrent sync instance can find information about a secret (i send only the secret to the other side of the world, and that sync instance finds the information to connect to my computer), so why can't a specifically set up website(i think here is the issue?) find this information and then download this specific file?