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I'm not sure whether this can be done without conflicts, but it would be great if there'd be an option to create shares inside shares. For example I snyc my Works folder which contains all my projects but I might need to sync just one project folder with someone. It does sound like selective snyc but I don't want the other peers getting access to everything.

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Did not see this by searching; sorry if it's already been covered.

Presently not allowed to sync again from a folder already being synced.


Folder L:\ (entire contents) on machine A is synced with Folder L:\ on another machine B.

I would also like to sync one sub-folder contained inside L:\ on machine A with a different machine C.

Such as L:\Stuff (only) on machine A to sync with L:\Stuff (only) on machine C.

This is presently not allowed because L:\ is already being synced between machines A and B. Seems like a new sync with a new separate secret key should be able to be made.

OK, I just saw someone else with this same suggestion. I'll add my 2 cents.

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It would be great if you could sync files and sub-directories separately from the main sync'd directory.

Sync Folder --> Sync'd between 3 systems

|--- Sub Directory ---> Sync'd with friend + other 3 systems

|----|--Large CAD File ---> Sync'd with 5 other people + friend + 3 systems

I tried to do this and I got an error that because the file was already part of another sync it could not be shared.

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I know it's been mentioned a few times, but for BTS to be viable as my main sync tool for work and home I need to have the ability to share subfolders (nested shares?) without having to break the existing share, and then start sharing out subfolders individually. That's just not viable once I've shared a folder with a colleague and need to share a sub-folder with someone else.


In order to stop it being a complete nightmare of dependancies, I'm imagining a way to do that by having BTSync:

  • always create a unique key for every subfolder (whether requested or not).
  • store each folder's subfolder structure with its key.
  • have BTSync read a key, and then only sync the files within that folder, rather than syncing subfolders as well.
  • BTSync syncs the highest level folder (files only) and then moves on to the next key, syncing that folders files.

Then to share subfolders you'd just have to make the relevant subfolder key visible to the user as and when required. I'm sure it's more complicated than that but it works fine in my head!

Relevant comments/posts:

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