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I am testing BitSync with success, exchanging and syncing various documents (invoices, tax payment receipts, tax declarations and so on) with some of my customers.

What I'd like to see as a feature is the notification when a new file (or several files within a defined period of time) is added to the synced folder so the other part can be updated about it.

For example:

- My customer adds an invoice file to the folder, I get a mail saying "*Customer-name* has added the file *invoice.pdf*"

- Viceversa, when I add a tax declaration, he gets updated with a similar mail.


Is that feasible?


Thank you!

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Is it possible to get an email notification when files has been synced? Only success and error messages are needed. The Problem is, that i am syncing 2-3 large files (Veeam-Images) over WAN to an Off-site location every day, and i want to get (mail) info, if the file transfer is successfully or not.

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On 14/12/2016 at 9:30 AM, Helen said:

moved to feature requests. 

..and merged into existing feature request thread on this topic(!)

@Illuvatar Feature Requests should be posted here in the Feature Request forum, and before posting a new suggestion, please take a few seconds to search to see if your suggestion has already been made and if so go ahead and add to that thread, rather than creating a duplicate thread.

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