Btsync Stop Sending Files


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I noticed that sometimes BTSync stop sending files. It will act like connecting to send them, but the upload never moves from 0 Kbps. The .!sync files are created on the other computers, but that's it.


Restarting BTSync fix the problem, but it's a little annoying to keep restarting it in order to work as it should.


I noticed this behavior on two Windows 8 machines and a Synology DS214plus NAS.


I'm using the latest version (1.3.94) in all of them.

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it happens when BitTorrent Sync cannot process the files on the sending side, or the receiving side cannot receive them, so sync stops even though the other peer are connected. Are they still connected when you see that files are no longer synced? 


Anyway, please, send us logs from at least two peers - sending and one of the receiving, to see what the root cause it to Instruction for logs 


In the message, please, put the link to this forum topic.

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