Trying To Sync 3 Servers - A Few Files Not Finishing

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anyone know why my syncs are not... in sync yet they seem to be done transfering to each other?


As you can see the main one is 56.01 GB in 136300 files. One of the two "slaves" was able to sync to 56.01 GB in 136299 files and the other only to 55.85 GB in 136290 files but they seem done now. They are no longer transferring between each other. 


What's the problem?

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I can't seem to click on any numbers... 


I was able to click on the devices link though, and I get which seems like it thinks they are synced



Edit: To rebuttle before someone says it, I have read the FAQs and saw "Sync isn't completing - not all my files are synced / file counts don't match!" but none of those apply here, or at least I don't think they do. Two of the VMs are identical (and one has completed, the other hasn't) and there were 136290 out of 136300 files that completed when they were just thousands of files in a directory with each other. 

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Collect full debug logs from all three peers and send them to In the message put link to this forum topic.

Also, I'd appreciate it if you somehow indicated which log belongs to master and which - to each of the slaves (www and backup folder owners). Thanks!

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