Please Have Thumbnails For Files Especially For Photos.


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On ‎11‎/‎9‎/‎2017 at 2:11 AM, kramb0l said:

It has been 3 years... So great support (not). I have switched to another service already. Unsubscribing here :)

Please tell me of the alternative you found!!!!!  Even though I have purchased about a half a dozen licenses for Sync "Pro" (LOL) I too am fed up with the crappy support, buggy software and countless times Sync has had to re-index my shared folders for no reason, or completely erased several folders deep of large files! (thankfully, I was smart enough to NOT rely on Sync as a backup, and had all (most) of the files backed up to a local server! -- because every logged in device had it's shares wiped clean.

Why do these things happen?  How do they happen? How can users prevent such catastrophic events from happening again?!  -- No one at Resilio knows why, how or tried to implement safeguards into their software to prevent such issues from happening.

PLEASE PM me with the details of your switch!!

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Development on Sync since Resilio has stagnated and seemingly-simple cross-platform concepts such as thumbnails -- which are beyond necessary for advanced sync'd folders, still isn't implemented is sad.

My family and friends share countless videos and large files.  All of our media is fully tagged with txt and image data before being added to our shared sync'd folders.  However, file names alone are not sufficient when it comes to deciding which files to sync locally. Heck, there aren't even file sizes or estimates of file sizes shown on (Windows Explorer) client computers.

That said, we STOPPED using Sync to sync our family photo albums and archives LONG AGO because files weren't being updated and sync'd properly between devices (all of them were Windows PCs) and we were losing valuble metadata which took many dozens of hours to manually tag and edit.

What began 4 years ago as a thriving cross-platform non-cloud-cloud service has withered into nothingness with terrible "support," buggy software and zero advances in features or technology since the "major update" to 2.x . 


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Is Sync still being developed past bug fixes?

Other than a few beta clients releases every several months, none lead me to believe that anything new or substantial is coming in the future.

Resilio should switch to EOL and make the entire feature set free to all - who still use it.

I own 8 Pro licenses and feel that it was a big waste of money and misplaced trust that development would continued 

Enough promises already. This is reminiscent of Microsoft and Windows Phone, Windows RT - denial. Silence. Patches. Silence. Gone.

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