Is It Possible To Sync Database Contents With Bt Sync


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I really like e way that BT sync works and how convenient it is to handle it as well as the secure data transfer peer 2 peer.

I am working on a desaster relief communications software that is currently based on apache, php, mysql. Looking forward, it would make a lot of sense to use the distributed redundant HW of the 4..10 Laptops instead of a single server. The question I have is: would there be a short term or long term way to use BT sync to databases (type of database is nearly not important because the database would be running on each machine as a local instance). Also, one could consider that data is allways uniquely added to each database with a unique ID so that there would not be changes to existing data or merging of existing data.

Any idea how to fo this and what db type to use?

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I'd suggest adding this suggestion to the Feature Request forum, as the ability to sync MySQL and other "open" databases between devices would indeed be very useful.


In the meantime, the best way to "sync" MySQL type databases specifically between devices would be to setup MySQL replication or a cluster.


If however, as you indicate, you're not bothered about the type of database you sync via Sync itself, it would firstly have to be a database that's stored in a physical file, but also bear in mind that Sync can't sync files whilst they're open/locked/in use by other applications. Therefore, when considering database formats, you'd need to choose one that doesn't lock or keep the physical database file open the entire time, and only locks it whilst actually writing data.

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