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I'm really excited for the Placeholder feature. It's exactly what I've been looking for in a sync/cloud solution. There is one thing I would really like to see with the Placeholder feature. 


1) Preview from placeholder files (using Quickview on Mac) - It'd be great if you could press the spacebar to preview the contents of a file without needing to download it. 



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Yo everyone! I've been loving' BitTorrent Sync so far as a replacement for the Dropbox service I had been using. There is a feature that I cant seem to find and don't even know if it is even available.

I like backing up photos from my phone to PC getting rid of my phones copy of my images to the PC, just leave it there, sometimes though I want to look up a photo again or show it off to a friend. Is there a way that I can do view a photo without downloading it to my phone, just previewing it? I'd like to avoid redownloading images if I can.

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