Wd Ex4 Slow Sync

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I have a WD EX4 and want to synchronize files on the NAS with BT Sync. I have no problems setting it up and syncing some test files, but it is just super slow. I'm talking about 8 MB/s avg sometimes peaking at 10 MB/s. I have another computer on my LAN that when syncing goes at about 50MB/s so I know it is the network connection and when I just drag and drop files to it through finder to the EX4 I usually get about 30MB/s. I'm wondering is there something I can do to speed up BT Sync. I'm assuming that the hardware is just not capable of doing it and maybe BT Sync requires more CPU/RAM than the box can give. I'm going to be building a FreeNas box soon, but in the mean time i'd like to get this working. 

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Can you see CPU usage on the NAS while syncing? BTSync relies heavily on encryption, so a weak CPU without AES-specific instructions could spend most time on encryption.

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