Sync To Synology External Usb Drive?

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Hi all,


I'm trying to set a sync up from my Mac external hard drive to an external drive on my Synology.

I can create everything on the Mac side no problem, but when I go to select the drive on the NAS I have no way of selecting.

All I'm presented with is the '/volume1' internal drive, does anyone know how I can access the external drive?



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Hi Paul,


The issue is that Sync allows to save data by default only to "/volume1".."/volume20", while usb drive mounts to "/usbdrive1".."/usbdriveN" to your Synology.


You can SSH to your Sync and edit file /usr/local/bittorrentsync/var/sync.conf manually, to allow access to usbdrives. All you need to do is to modify "dir_whitelist" variable to allow access to usb. Note, that file is in JSON format so please preserve syntax to keep Sync working. Also, Sync will need to be restarted to apply new config file.

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Hi RomanZ,


Thank you for that, I did have a look and opened the sync.conf file in vi, made the changes, but sadly it didn't work when I restarted BTSync.

I'm thinking it may be that be what you mentioned about it being in JSON format, I'm not sure if saving through vi changes the file format.

I'll look a little more, and see if I can find a configuration file editor that may make it a little easier.

I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction though, it gives me something to work on.  :)



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You can check it in any json validator after you edit the file, if you doubt that the format is correct. 

But I think that if the config is bad, not readable, Sync won't start. So just make sure that the path is correct. And you can always send the config to support team to check and investigate this further. 

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You are on the right track, but the volume name is wrong (at least for me). The system mounts external USB drives as "/volumeUSB1/" or "/volumeUSB2" (only two USB ports on my DS212J).

I found the correct volume name by looking at Shared Folder-> Edit -> NFS Permissions for the "usbshare". It showed "Mount Path:/volumeUSB1/usbshare" in grey on the bottom of the window. If your mount is different you should be able to find it using Disk Station Manager on that same page.

I changed my sync.conf (below) to insert the new volumes.


And I can confirm this works. You MUST set read/write permissions for the share for your admin user also.


So thanks for the pointer and I hope this gives everyone the complete solution. 

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