folder_rescan_interval per folder indexing setting


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folder_rescan_interval  can be edited in advanced preferences as a global setting. But, it is useful to allow individual folder specific rescan settings too.  Rescan indexing can take a long time if you have lots of files.

Example, I have 70K+ files in a lightroom folder, it takes 4 minutes to rescan with a fast SSD. The default rescan interval is 10minutes (600s) which means my laptop spends 40% of the time rescanning eating away battery. I don't need my lightroom folder to rescan every 10minutes, but other smaller document folders I would like to. 


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I have a similar problem with my VMs. Indexing the folder while the VM is running causes high system load. I have to disable synch completely which is annoying as I loose the ability to retrieve files in other folders.

Please implement something like that in order to be able to completely disable scanning of a folder. Scheduled disabling would be the best solution.

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+1 this would be useful.

As an FYI: I use keyboard maestro  to trigger on and off Resilio at specific intervals in the day morning and afternoon and night . Kind of defeats the purpose of keeping an archival versioning,... however similar to Dropbox, even if you are sitting idle with Resilio there is some processing happening continuously throughout so it drains the MBP 30-50% faster. 


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