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  1. this is quite an old thread however relevant. @jbb & @macula as i am looking to do the same. 1. Are you still having problems with Resilio and syncing DevonThink databases? (assuming both computer db are closed when syncing or at least in the final sync) 2. How does Resilio handle versioning considering DTO (DevonThink Office) are just scrambled pointers? Be curious if you've known how to find those previous version files either within Resilio or DTO? The other alternative here is to use WebDAV as DTO as a remote database. I am having little luck (aka tech know
  2. I have 2 computers (office and home) which syncs via a NAS If I put ignoreList on the NAS, would this mean that - ComputerA (on changes) syncs to the NAS however - NAS (has ignoreList) thus will never sync to Computer B? - if my understanding is correct, the IgnoreList will not save any 'change updates' and thus not propagate out to subscribers. Scenario: I want to sync my settings/ temporary folder/ downloads between Computer A and computer B, however the computers are never on at the same time, hence the NAS in between. Effectively what I THINK I
  3. @bartplessers - interesting conversation! I was looking for something of the nature to have Resilio Web Access remotely (ie. Outside my network). Can I ask the following: 1. Tonido suggest using URL - however would this mean you need a static IP address or purchase dynamic dns? (I've never done this before - just reading about it earlier) 2. Any security issues should consider since, now URL is accessible publicly and only needs a username/ password? Apologies for the basic questions, am looking for a way to remote access, however don't know too much about network s
  4. Just to add to this, as I sync to my NAS, and it keeps a copy, however I would like the NAS not to hold any archived versions. ie. It keeps my 'downloads/ tempory' folder sync across 3 computers. I cannot put the folder into the ignore list NOR can I not send to the NAS, as my office, client and home PCs are only on one at a time..
  5. +1 I am trying to move completely away from Dropbox and would like the verisioning to also occur. See here: Versioning - Same Versions On All Clients By allowing that to happen, then you can also have the GUI retrieval or at least consolidation of file versions.
  6. +1 this would be useful. As an FYI: I use keyboard maestro to trigger on and off Resilio at specific intervals in the day morning and afternoon and night . Kind of defeats the purpose of keeping an archival versioning,... however similar to Dropbox, even if you are sitting idle with Resilio there is some processing happening continuously throughout so it drains the MBP 30-50% faster.
  7. it had some funny moments, however could not replicate twice. I am be off topic here and probably because of my understanding of how selective sync should or shouldn't work. However Helen is right by default it should download/ sync all files. That said, Helen - can you confirm the following... Scenario: FOLDER A (selective sync) --- SUB-FOLDER B (full sync) 1. In order to get Sub-Folder B - to be full sync, right click the place holder folder (this place holder folder - you cannot see any files/ folders below), and 'sync to device'. THEN, you need t
  8. +1 Bump. Sync should keep as links. There are discussions since 2013/2014 re: for the option to have it configurable for the user, however the basic premise should be links as links...
  9. +1 - if you select to 'sync' a folder, it should sync all contents of that folder by default.
  10. +1 to this for sure!! Versioning or archive history to be done selectively would be great to minimise the amount of space it would consume. i keep most of folders of work and home computer in sync and it would be great to have My Documents folder have 30 day history, however some other ones are 5 days.
  11. ^ I thought it was only me who had this problem. I posted it here " - however no proper resolution for me except to resync again. My only advice (as I don't completely trust my understanding of Resilio of the process of syncing) - especially when trying to sync two existing directory (even if they should be the same...) I deleted all files from my target computer so that it synced from the original. - couldn't bear the risk of Resilio somehow deleting any files
  12. Thanks @RomanZ - so to dumb this down.. 1. If the corporate firewall does not allow UDP transfer (not via HTTP/ HTTPS) - then I am out of luck what so ever. 2. If it happens by chance that they do support UDP through some ports - THEN - My home network - I'd need do port forwarding on my router to my peers (or NAS in this instance) 2. AND From my corporate office MBP - I'd need to update the 'conf' - to add in that peer which was NAT-ed?
  13. I know this is an old thread, however I've searched the forums and was not able to find an answer.. caveat: I am not a networking person do don't really understand who the synching works despite reading multiple times. I am also behind a corporate firewall for enterprise organisation. 1. I can sync via my mobile internet to my home network okay 2. From the corporate office, it says 'no trackers available' - been using Dropbox okay for many years and read in this forum
  14. Hi @jpap, this is also an issue I have posted here concerned with MBP battery drain. I have 2x MBP writing to a NAS. Wife has 2x MBP writing to her own store on the NAS. My current solution is: use Keyboard Maestro - to schedule activating of Resilio at key times in the day for 30mins and then kill off then application. Seemed to work okay for now. I have tried using the scheduler, however it still seems to utilise some CPU - I don't have a way to track the history utilisation of a specific process for the CPU, but if somebody does know, I'd be keen to test this!
  15. Just an update to this, I don't know if I did actually end up loosing any files via BTSYNC. As it was my work computer, I couldn’t' afford the time to troubleshoot, my only backup was via dropbox. It was a pain in the butt resyncing it all again. Looked at the archive folders - just restored all of it, including old copies...