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  1. Hi I've upgraded my older version btsync to the newest resilio sync. Now it writes "service files missing", and if i point out the folder which is at the same place as it was always, i get the message "the folder you selected is not associated with sync home, we will add...." and re index. I don't want a reindex, as it would take veeeery long time on that ARMHF CPU machine, as the folder is 1,2 terabytes size. How can i avoid this?
  2. It would be nice if btsync would be able to copy the symbolic and hardlinks as they are, and not just as a normal file as it does now. If the source and the target of the links are in same share, then create the same link structure on all synced computers (or at least on desktop OS). If not, then do as now, sync as a normal file.