Sync always starts from 0%

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Firstly, things are syncing, however every time the client gets disconnected it starts from 0% again (which isn't actually 0%).

So to explain better:

If I have 100GB to sync, I start the sync and 10GB gets transferred and it says 10% completed. The client gets disconnected and then on next connection it starts from 0%, but has only 90GB to actually transfer. I would have thought it would have stayed at 10%...?

This flaw basically means I don't know how much has actually been transferred. I would like to see the % out of the original total,rather than the % of the remaining files to sync.


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When Sync starts, it cannot know if anything was changed in the folder while it was off. So it has to recheck it all from scratch , and thus you see 0% at start. When it's rechecked and confirmed that those 10GB are synced, progress shall quickly jump to where it was .

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