VSS support in Windows?


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Does Sync have Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) support in Windows?

Long story short, I'm researching a use-case scenario for one of my nonprofit business clients, and Sync for Workgroups looks promising. Users are prone to working on files and leaving them open for the entire day, then shutting down their PCs, leaving no time for Sync to do its job if VSS isn't available.

I use Sync Free, but can't remember if it does or doesn't have VSS. I know that pre-2.0 versions didn't because I remember seeing a locked file error during a sync once. Searching the website and Google doesn't state this explicitly either.

If it's not supported, will it be in the future? Mods, please feel free to move this topic to Feature Requests if this is the case. :)



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Just wanted to add another (similar) usecase to this story. I have set up syncing of my production areas over several servers (I work as a developer). The idea is that all these different areas should always have the latest code, and also be versioned/archived for a period of time. This works wonderfully well with Resilio even though I have thousands of folders and hundreds of thousands of files monitored.

The only hickup (and I have mentioned this before) is the problem with locked files. Most often, when Resilio is active, I will be unable to compile as the target .exe file is locked, syncing to some server over a fairly slow line. I usually pause syncing then, but it is bothersome and kinda goes against my idea of always having an identical copy somewhere else. I forget to unpause syncing.

A solution - if shadow copying doesn't work out - is the copy the file to a temp folder before uploading it starts. To make that even more clever, Resilo service could then monitor the original file as the copy is being uploaded, and if the original file is modified, the upload could cancel and restart using the modified file.

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