Trying to get back a removed folder

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Hi forum,

I have a special config problem and I hope for some advice here:

I shared a folder named "Backup" from a remote computer (remote1) running Resilio sync with all devices that utilize my identity. The folder was succesfully synced. Then, I decided to remove the folder from one client, my PC1. Afterwards remote1 crashed and has been newly installed. I also removed the Backup share from all other devices using my identity.

Now, after the new setup of remote1 is complete, I shared a folder again that is again named "Backup". 

However, this backup folder now only shows up in all my devices but PC1. On PC1 (where I originally decided to remove it from), the new folder does not show up. 

I hope that I have been able to transport what I did....

Does anybody have any idea on how I can get the share back on PC1?



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check two things: 1) is PC1 indeed linked to the identity of remote1, and is online  - check in My devices list. 
and 2) if PC1 is on Sync Free, enable Trial on it, if you haven't yet. 

And you can manually share the folder via link or key

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