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  1. Helen, I tried all the Tipps without success. does that mein that a Speed of only 10 MB/s would be considered a bug and I should report it? thanks Norbert
  2. Dear forum, I'm operating resilio sync on my synology DS415+, a real strong NAS device. However, I'm really struggling with the data transfer rates that sync can provide. Within my own cable based network (gigabit) and with a RAID5 in the NAS, I only get transfer rates of 10 MB/s. That is approx. 10% of the network speed. I understand that syncing is a CPU intensive task but I'm really disappointed by such low rates. Before I dig deeper into this, I'd like to understand, how much I could potentially optimize it. So here is my question: What are your maximum transfer speeds with resilio on a NAS? Thanks Norbert
  3. Hi forum, I'm running btsync on my synlogy and storing all my shared folders under /Volume1/btsync. In the settings of btsync I set this as the base path for new folders. However, from time to time, this base path is changed to /Volume1/Resilio Sync/. I guess that happens after the app is updated. Can anybody confirm this behavior? It really sucks as this means that folders are stored in a base folder which is not part of my backup. Or am I doing anything wrong here? Thanks Norbert
  4. I'm not sure whether this quesion is productive but I'm trying: On the other devices, how should I know, which folder to connect. All these folders appear under the same name. Is there any other way to tell them apart other than connecting to them and looking at the content?
  5. I now found the source of the issue. It seems that the shared folder is always added under the name that the owner of the shared folder took. So, when 100 people send me a folder named "Document" andI accept these share, I will usually rename the folder to "Documents_1", .. on the machine that I use to accept the invite. However, all other machines of my identity still see the folders as "Document" "Document" "Document"..... In the end, there is no way to figure out, which folder is which :-( Is this really the intended behavior? Thanks Norbert
  6. HI forum, Im using resilio sync for some years now but I'm just a little bit lost as I think that some of the behavior regarding identities changed. I have an identity with 10 folder that is shared from my NAS to two PCs, a Macbook and an Ipad. When somebody now sends me a link with a shared folder invite, I usually accept this on my Macbook. But in former times, the shared folder has automatically added to my identity and therewith showed up on all my devices. But the folder that I just added Yesterday only shows up on the MacBook and not on the other devices unless I also pair the other devices explicitely. I'm a little bit lost here. What is the intended behavior of sync and is it possible to change it? Thanks in advance Norbert
  7. I guess that I have 2-3 TB and a few 10.000 files in sync. It's OK for me that migration takes a while. However, the software should please INFORM ME ABOUT that.
  8. Hi forum, I have a special config problem and I hope for some advice here: I shared a folder named "Backup" from a remote computer (remote1) running Resilio sync with all devices that utilize my identity. The folder was succesfully synced. Then, I decided to remove the folder from one client, my PC1. Afterwards remote1 crashed and has been newly installed. I also removed the Backup share from all other devices using my identity. Now, after the new setup of remote1 is complete, I shared a folder again that is again named "Backup". However, this backup folder now only shows up in all my devices but PC1. On PC1 (where I originally decided to remove it from), the new folder does not show up. I hope that I have been able to transport what I did.... Does anybody have any idea on how I can get the share back on PC1? Thanks Norbert
  9. In case anybody else comes into this situation: Resilio Sync finally started up completely and is syncing. It almost took two hours for the first complete start :-( Would be nice if the installer or the guidance would mention that.....
  10. Hi forum, i just updated the sync on my DS415+ from BTSync to Resilio Sync. The install process succeeded and I restarted my NAS afterwards. I'm also able to login to the Web-UI using the previous credentials. However, the web-UI shows no folders/content. Just an empty page. And the other clients don't find the NAS as a peer any longer. I'm also noticing heavy HDD activity. Is this normal? Will Resilio Sync do some migration with the data that takes a while or should I start getting worried? Any experiences? Thanks Norbert
  11. Yes, that seems to be the case. That still seems pretty strange to me. Event if the "old" shares already know the synology NAS as a peering partner. Shouldn't they only know its local address? I can't really figure out where the difference in the communication scenario lays for creating a new folder and syncing existing folders. I'm currently on the move and without direct access to the NAS. I'll contact support as soon as I return home.
  12. Dear forum, I'm using BTSync for quite a while and basically everything is working fine (except the one or the other hassle) but since a few days I'm observing a behavior that I cannot really explain. I'm using a licensed version of BTSync and have my identity installed on quite a few devices. One of them is my synology diskstation that has two NIC. This means that my synology can be connected by the use of a different IP in my home network than from the outside. If I add a new folder to BTSync on my MacBook as long as I'm in the home network, this folder is automatically replicated to the synology NAS. When I leave my home network, all the folders still connect to my synology NAS. However, if I add a new folder to BTSync on my MacBook when I'm not in my home network, the synology NAS does not recognize this folder automatically. This is pretty strange as I would have expected an automated sync there as well. Can anybody here help be out? Am I expecting something that BTSync is not supposed to do or do I really have a connectivity issue here? If there is a connectivity isssue: How could I approach solving it? Thanks Norbert
  13. Has this topic been solved? I'm experiencing the same behavior with btsync 2.3.8 on my MacBook Pro....
  14. Dear forum, I'm using BTSync since its very first days and only had minor issued till now. However, the last days things are getting worse :-( One of my clients recieves internet only via a VPN connection that is routed via an VPN provided in Sweden (Ipredator). This client does not get any connect to other clients. BTSync says often that there would be no tracker server found and even though I allow relay servers for all folders, there is no connection. It's definetly an issue with the VPN connection. As soon as I plug in another connection to this machine, all the BTSync share come up for sync. I'm confused as the VPN provider does not filter anything to my knowledge. Does anybody here have any tip for me, how to get to the reason of this issue and how I could get this machine involved into sync? Thanks Norbert
  15. Dear forum, since the patch from Apple the day before Yesterday on my OSX 10.11.6. BTSync really became buggy on my machine. The UI reacts horribly slowly and sync often hangs. I already downloaded the latest version of BTSync and reinstalled but with no positive effect. Is anybody else experiencing these issues? Thanks Norbert