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Supposed that we are syncing multiple screenshots

Standard iOS sync flow: Open Photos -> Select Screenshots -> Tap action button -> Save to Sync -> Open Multitasking (Back to home screen)-> Switch to Sync

We have to manually do 6 steps.

Supposed that we have the required sync URL schemes and use workflow: Open Today widgets -> Use Workflow to select the latest screenshot -> Tap done -> Workflow automatically save to sync -> Workflow automatically switch to Sync

Now we have to do the first 3 steps and the remaining are done by Workflow.

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Ok, got it. Will consider, but do not promise. You can add a vote to Feature Request thread. 
And you can limit steps: 
open Sync -> the wanted share, wanted subfolder (some 1/5 steps)
tap on "+" in right upper corner -> Photos -> pick the screenshots -> add (another 1/5 steps). 
So it's also achievable in some 3 steps without Workflow :)
Note, adding new files makes sense only for RW shares. RO shares won't be able to upload files. Hope it helps. 

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In trying to figure out a good workflow for using Resilio Sync for IOS, I've come across a bump in the road.  There is no IOS text editor  (that I have found) that will allow me to save new documents directly to Resilio Sync.  Some allow me to export single documents to Sync, which helps, but creates duplicate documents and can lead to confusion about where the most current document is.

If no text editor can do this, a second option would be to use URL actions or scripting (e.g. tools like Workflow or the scripting options built into editors like 1Writer or Drafts) to add the files in bulk to Resilio Sync, and remove them from the editor's storage.

As far as I can find, Sync does not support any URL schemes.  I have seen requests on the forums for mobile APIs, but this would be different, it shouldn't require any new server support, just additional features to the client to respond to these URL handlers. 

If support for URL actions were added in IOS, it would open up more flexibility in inter-operating with other apps.

Another user ask about this feature previously, noting how some tasks could be accomplished easier with a URL action.

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