Netgear 516 boxes, sync fades from 90MB/s to 2MB/s

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I have a gigabit network with 2 Netgear 24TB 516 boxes, and ResilioSync 2.5.9 installed successfully on both.

Box A has 12TB of data, Box B was factory reset and shares etc set up from scratch, I set ResilioSync up and it started syncing at 90MB/s - GREAT

Now 3/4 the way through transfer the sync speed has dropped dramatically drifting from 2-3 KB/s to 2MB/s and the remaining sync time varies from 7 more days to 900 years in one instance

Nothing has changed apart from my frustration.

Box B is due to be moved to another remote location once an initial sync has been completed


FWIW Bittorrent sync work fine and fast from the get go on both boxes for years.

RSync work well too and syncs to another 516 reliably and fast

Any ideas?

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there might be a number of reasons for that: 
-what's the hardware? CPU and RAM usage on both? disk read-write speed? 
- what are the files? are they syncable (available for syncing)? What's their number? A lot of small files are slow to sync. 
- network? is it LAN? VPN? Are they connected to each other directly or though relay? 
- what does History in Sync say on both - any errors reported? 

I suspect that there're just too many torrents pending so queue buffers are overloaded. Until B is done writing the current pack of files, syncing stalls.

To have the case investigated, send the debug logs from both NAS to support. 

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One more issue, I needed to reboot the router and when I logged back into the NAS and checked the status of the Resilio Sync App, I just had the first time use welcome screen, asking me to setup a user log in name and no folders were setup for sync, the files were still there however if I just browsed the shares.

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