Sync forcing "CAMERA BACKUP" name... annoying!

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Hi Guys

I wanted to create a backup of my Mobile Phone, the Android's DCIM folder. In this are the default android folder for my Pictures, as well as other folders automatically created by apps like facebook , my drones, etc etc etc..

On the Resilio app, i went to "ADD BACKUP" then chose "Custom" folder location
I went into the DCIM folder and pressed "CHOOSE FOLDER"

I got a prompt that said
Backup "DCIM"
This folder will be added as backup folder.
I clicked "ADD"
then Resilio added a backup folder named "Camera Backup"
There's also no way to change this folder name once the backup folder has been created.
annoying as hell.
So now I end up with a DCIM Backup folder named "CAMERA BACKUP" which is very misleading
I tried to reinstall resilio sync and resetup, and the same thing happen
I also tried adding a different custom folder from my android device called "my downloads" and boom, REsilio Sync added the backup folder with name "my downloads"
it seems Resilio Sync has a mind of its own and will name my DCIM folder as Camera Backup .. Annoying.

how can i correct this?

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DCIM is a camera images folders, so the share gets 'Camera backup' name on the phone by default. This cannot be changed at the moment.  On desktops you can rename it though. 
Will add your case into wishlist. 

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i create an userdefined backup (of the sub folder screenshots) on several android devices.
All automatically named to "Screenshots".
On a win7 desktop i can link to the desired folder which i can (re)name by myself.
Now i have 5 backup shares which were called "Screenshots".
So at this point a new device appears!

After installation of resilio client (win10) i see all 5 shares.
But i can't decide which "Screenshots" belongs to which device!

How can i solve this, without link each entry, look behind, unlink, try next... ?

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