Local sync not working using android wifi tethering


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Hi everybody,

First of all, not being a Native English speaker, please excuse mistakes or incomprehension if there are any.

Since I regularly work "on the road" in devastated country where mobile network is very expensive, I bought the pro version of Resilio to sync all my data between phone and computers, using my android phone as router (Wifi access point tethering).

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I try all advices from the Resilio Help Center with no positiv result.

In my case, I need to sync data from computers to my phone without using 3G/4G data connection but only android wifi tethering on wich my computers are connected (LAN). I disable use of tracker and relay as indicated but peers aren't connecting or discovered anyway. Please note that when I use 3G/4G data to connect or an external  wifi router, it does work properly, but unfortunately, this is not an option most of the time in my situation.

Is that a known problem ? Is there a solution ?

Thanking you in advance for your help, I wish you a very plesant day.

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It depends on how the "Wifi hotspot" feature is working for your phone.
Here are necessary thing for Sync to work:

  1. - Multicast UDP, over port 3838
     - Broadcasts,
    If broadcasts are not configured, Sync will be using tracker to discover other peers. 

    To ease port mapping, automatic port mapping over UPnP and NAT-PMP can be configured in router
     - UDP, multicast to port 1900
     - UDP, unicast to default gateway port 5351

But depends on your device it could be organized differently. Anyway you need contact support team once again to send relevant logs while peers are in the same hotspot LAN.
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Thank you Gane for your reply.

In fact, I don't know how to check if multicast, broadcast, etc... are working on my device.
Don't know even if it's possible to check on samsung galaxy S8+...

As you propose, I will contact the support team.

Thank you again

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