[Solved] Time error on Drobo5N

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Trying to sync a Lightroom catalogue from my iMac running OS 10.13.3 to a Drobo5N NAS - everything was going fine for months until last night - getting the following error - "'/Users/Shared/lightroom_Syndlightroom' is not syncing with 'DroboSN' because the time difference between these devices is more than 10 minutes." - clocks look good on my iMac  with settings to "set time automatically".  Should I try to delete the shared folder and re-establish a sync? - I've tried that once.  


Thanks for your help!


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this error pop ups if UTC timestamp on peers differs by more than 10 minutes. All peers shall have it the same, taking into account their local time and timezone, so check these in first place. Re-sharing a folder will not help here. 

This article will help to to verify the timestamps . To avoid further misunderstanding, I'll provide some comments ahead. UTC time shows the devices time relatively to Greenwich. 
So if peerA is in (UTC +01:00), and peerB is in (UTC +03:00) time zone, the local time of peerA will be, for example, 13:45, and for peerB 15:45 accordingly. However, their Greenwich time will be still the same peerA = 12:45 = 13:45 minus 1 hour, for peerB = 12:45 = 15:45 minus 3 hours. 
If either of the setting is wrong,  you get that error message: for example, on peerB you set "the correct time" - some 14:35, and get that its UTC is now 14:35 minus 3 hours = 11:45, and get 1 hour timediff with peerA. 

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Thanks for the quick reply.  I actually found that the drobo5N was somehow the problem.  When I hovered over the sync status in Resilio it would show a “last synced” date of something ridiculous like Dec 1, 1929 or 1949?  I ended up restarting the drobo5N and re-sharing the folders, and it seems to be all good now!  Thanks again for the help!

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