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I use plenty of apps that start in the background, whose windows I can access via the taskbar and they do not add a window to the desktop on startup. Examples: Backup and Sync from Google, Radeon Settings, Wincompose, Discord... They all have windows I can make appear via their taskbar menus, and yet, they do not do so unprompted on each startup.

This issue appeared before. Although it was marked solved, after windows updated, the problem reappeared.

Old thread:

Sync Version


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Does anyone know if this bug has been fixed?

Using a ssh tunnel + unison atm because this bug was driving me crazy, couldn't install on windows 10 systems anymore

When it's just 2-3 pc, ssh+unison is a great alternative, but when i need to share to many others, resilio is perfect.

No, I'm not willing to change my Windows settings to accomodate just one app, when the rest of them have already been fixed

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On 6/6/2018 at 8:15 AM, Gane O'dwyer said:

@skar Are you sure that the bug was solved by Microsoft? The issue was discussed here. Please exit Sync correctly before the device reboot and the issue will gone on the next boot.

Are you suggesting that Windows 10 users need to manually exit Resilio sync before every single reboot?

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