API or way to check sync status from commandline / Bash script?

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I noticed today just by accident that one of my folders was stuck at 100% - sync was not completing for some reason. I had to enable debug mode and found a file that had a weird resource fork for whatever reason was causing the sync to hang. I deleted that file, restarted Sync on both ends and it was green again.

So the question is:  I would like to know if there is any way to get the sync status via command line / Terminal / bash? I would make a periodic script (cron, LaunchAgent on mac etc) to run and if the sync is not complete then maybe pop a notification, send an alert to Pushover etc. Bonus points if the command could output in an easy to parse format such as JSON.

maybe e.g.:

$ rslsync --status [foldername]
    "status": [
            "name": "folder1",
            "peer_count": 4,
            "sync_complete": false,
            "unsynced_files": 2,
            "file_count": 4124,
            "total_bytes": 104230636,
            "last_change": 1559231815
            "name": "folder2",
            "peer_count": 3,
            "sync_complete": true,
            "unsynced_files": 0,
            "file_count": 192,
            "total_bytes": 5263463,
            "last_change": 1559215804

(In the above example, last_change represents a timestamp in Unix epoch time)

I see there is (was?) an API but I am not sure if it's supported anymore and I checked the API docs and don't see any method there to query for sync status anyway.

This would be so useful... please

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