Use sync between two computers without internet?


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I'm at a location where I don't have internet connection. However, I want to sync files from my phone to my laptop. I can create a hotspot with my phone, but since there are no trackers, the devices can't find each other.

Is there a way to use sync in this scenario? Thanks for any ideas!

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Hi Frank Maier,

thanks for your explanation. That could be the reason why it's not working the way eltopo described it.

However, is it really true that the phone doesn't make a network? I have used another software to sync files in this way: 1) the software on the phone creates a hotspot, 2) the software on the phone sets up a web server and offers selected files on it, 3) the browser on the computer connects to the hotspot on the phone, 4) the browser on the computer connects to a local IP address and downloads the files.


What you need is a true network between the devices, done by a separate mobile access point.

So would it be a solution to use another phone for creating a hotspot and connecting both sync phone and sync computer to that network? Would it work or also not?

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