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In many times I use my computers and Smartphones in a company environment, which are restricted and closed. Mainly the ports 80 and 443 are open and requests to open the ports 3000 or such like that is not accepted by the IT departments.

Since Resilio's Relay servers do not work with ports 443 and 80, I'm forced to evade. Either I then use a ownCloud portable client or Syncthing, since the former already uses web-based only these ports and the second can provide corresponding Relays with these ports 443 and 80.

In all the companies I can not change anything, not even the firewalls. But - I'm allowed to use: http:// (port 80) and https:// (port 443). So I'm allowed to use the software that works on it. So the networks are usually restrictive and allow only certain protocols and thus often enough only http:// (port 80) and https:// (port 443), only a few is more open and even UPnP ports can be opened and Resilio will run as well. But that's more the exception. For that is not possible to influence the router configuration in the "external" locations. Because my favorite Resilio is not working, I dodge to Syncthing, ownCloud, and nextCloud. Syncthing I take because it basically works more or less as well as Resilio and this has the consequence, that I have to use Syncthing for the same directories in addition to Resilio, that's not very clean, but in principle it works with a few special ignore settings.

This things are also discussed in other threads, but without result. The current relays and manual settings etc. doesnt work. But it would be better if Resilio could be operated with relay servers with the ports 443 and 80.

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