Support for M1-based Macs?


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7 hours ago, AntoineJ said:

....if Resilio became yet another abandonware. 

You're being generous when you speak about this as an event that might occur. It's not clear that it hasn't happened already.

Resilio is a great product but the prosumer/hobbyist niche that it fits into must be small and it's possible there's not enough market demand to generate the volume necessary to fund support and development.

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This is a welcome improvement.  The intel version did mostly work, but it did sap battery life and occasionally freeze.  The M1 native version should be much better, though I have just installed it so I don't know yet for sure.

As for the whole "Native" discussion...

An "M1 Native" app and a "Mac Native" app are two different things.

The iOS app is obviously M1 native (at least ARM native) and the laptop does run iOS apps without emulation (i.e. natively), but... the way it syncs is not the sameso it's not a great solution for most people, obviously.

A native Mac OS X app including using all the apple frameworks, etc., is not something I would expect from a cross-platform app, nor is it important to most people I would suspect.  The main thing is that it works reliably.  The OS version is already better than the linux version where we only get a web interface with no shell extensions at the moment.  

I think we have to give credit where credit is due.  The M1 release did not take that much time, and I am very glad that it happened, so thank you for the Resilio Team!

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