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As a supporter of Resilio, I would like to turn to you for a better understanding.

I've already heard that you must all use your time efficiently. Nevertheless, I would like to understand why nobody or hardly anyone from the staff apparently works in the forum. It is clear that there is also considerable potential in this to advance the Synctool. This would also include fixed update cycles, it doesn't have to be the big technical leaps from update to update. Etc., etc.

Further, If there are problems, the users want solutions and if the impression arises that they are saying it here and it goes unheard (yes, from you Resilio staff), because maybe the users and forum participants also have no solution, they turn away in frustration. This is what I experience when users, even those with licenses, complain about it in other forums. Should that be so?

It's also about users turning away and using other tools even though a license is in place. The users want a lively community, they want to feel where you stand, they want to join in and ultimately help.

Well, what's your opinion on that?

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