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Hello all,

Using Win 10, I run a one way backup from PC 1 to PC 2 over the internet approx 12Tbs on individual internal sata drives,

PC 1 motherboard just bit the dust, so now am sourcing a new motherboard which means a new install of Win 10 and Resilio.

I always backup my Resilio data from the Profiles folder and the raw/sync data on the additional drives are intact and safe.

What do I do here?

Is it case of on PC 2 unlinking/fogetting PC1 in Resilio, Setting up PC 1 from scratch and linking to PC 2 again, which  I think will not mean a resync but will take a long time for PC 1 to check see the remote PC 2 has the data?

Or can I import the original config/index from the now dead machine for a quikcer more seemless transition/reconnect?

Thanks and cheers

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I strongly suggest you to NOT transfer sync data (including configs, metadata, indexes, etc.) from old to new PC. You seriously risk an huge mess.

Reinstall all from scratch and your sync will work smoothly.

The required time is just for building indexes on the new machine, and the advantage is a big disk space saving after a new index job, simply because new indexes will not contain old data, working quickly. At the end of the reinstallation, Resilio will work faster and will use less memory.

Write down on a piece of paper current connection string, the check/compare the directory pairs to ensure that they are matching your requirements (using a program like Beyond Compare or similar), install new Resilio end re-use the connection string you wrote down previously. That's all.

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Don't touch the Resilio in the old PC (the PC that remain the same), but just copy the "Read and Wite key" on a file or piece of paper:



Once you installed Resilio on the new PC, use this string to connect the directory to old PC. This will help you because you don'have to rescan and reindex both PC but the new only. I use this method from years.

The old PC will think that is there a new PC on the LAN.

Be careful: be sure that both directories you are going to connect contain the same objects.



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