Resilio Sync + Mullvad VPN port issues. (Very slow speed)


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Good morning everyone, 

I'm having some issues with the port situation with Resilio Sync. My set up is I have a computer acting as a server for my home, it hosts my entire family's documents and images with versions which I love. I also have Mullvad VPN installed on the desktop server (Windows i5 on Windows 10 Pro). I have successfully set it up to open the ports for Plex to view videos out of home and stream to my in-laws / parents and such with 0 speed issues (having a symmetrical 600mb line) . Resilio sync is another issue. I rarely get over 25kb over wan (which is fine for documents, but anything else is a nightmare), yet I can stream 4k over Plex over WAN no issue to my parent's TV in another house or multiple instances with Watch Together of 1080p streams to friends' computers over Europe. But Plex has a very easy guide on how to open those ports. 


I was using the wrong page to open ports. The correct page, as mentioned below, is this one:

I have tried to understand the Resilio ports page (Ports protocols & ports forwarding required by Resilio Connect – Resilio Connect) , can anyone dumb it down a bit and tell me what ports to open to get full speed sync back while using the VPN?  For instance, Mullvad has their own tutorial for Plex (Plex with Mullvad - Guides | Mullvad VPN) but I can't seem to find any help for Resilio. I imagine the process is the same, but with different ports. But I can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 

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Updated correct link.
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the "ports and protocols' guide you mention if not for Resilio Sync. 
This is the information about ports and protocols about Resilio Sync Please update your post.


See here for slow speed troubleshooting:

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