Disk storage used by the program.


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I am using Resilio Sync successfully to sync many files. I am looking at the disk space used by the program itself. The program and associated data are stored in C:\Users\hxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync. It has a total capacity of 23 GB. There is a database 3CD840C6AF7728B53B3948xxxxxxx.1558367.db which is 10.4GB and many other .db files. There is also a folder sync-v2.7.2-1xxxxxxxx.backup which is 11GB.. There are many other files.

Is there anyway to reduce the disk space for the program and associated data?


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There is a possibility in the profile data folder, where the database is located, to delete the ZIP files that are created every day. However, the contents of the ZIP's serve as a backup. Furthermore, there is still in the archive directory under .sync the possibility to delete such deleted and overwritten files, but these also serve as a backup, should something go wrong. In this respect, these precautions are possible, but be careful (!) in dealing with them.

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