can't start config resilio


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I use only Synologys and dont know WD´s NAS in Detail. I think you have any Systemmanager, which calls Dashboard or similar and in which you also find a APP´s part maybe to check all the running processes or other needed things. Is basically possible to reach the Dashboard?

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I have the same issue as Bendeer.

I cannot gain access to the dashboard of the reilio sync app on my WD PR4100.

I've updated The Reilio Sync app to version succesfully and rebooted my WD PR4100. But the issue remains.

All the other apps on my WD PR4100 behave as expected.

It's as if the service is not running anymore for some reason. But nothing was changed on the server and the installation of the new version was succesfull...

Any advice on how to solve this issue would be much appreciated.


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I've been having the same problem which appeared to start on the 19th May 2022 (in case anyone looks at this at a later date). I've located the issue to the way the start script determines the username. The following is the line in the script which can be found in the Resilio installation directory (for me it's /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/ResilioSync:

USERNAME=$(grep '/home/admin' /etc/passwd | cut -d ':' -f1)

The problem appears to be that the update has removed the admin's home directory i.e. '/home/admin' doesn't exist and it's no longer referenced in the '/etc/passwd' file so the username cannot be determined. For me the fix was to change the '/home/admin' in the above line to something else that grep can match on to determine the user that resilio should run as. If you wonder what the user should be then have a look at the user that owns the script.

This is slightly brittle. It would be nice if it was more configurable without editing the scripts.


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Thinking about this you could replace that whole line in the script to just set the username that it should run as such as:


Needless to say these are working around the 'bug' in the start script so really the Resiliio Sync WD version needs updating to cope with the change in configuration

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The problem has been caused by changes WD made in the update 5.22.113 of the My Cloud OS 5, that interfere with correct Sync installation or start (if installed earlier).

The fixed packages for different NAS models can now be found in the Sync Knowledge Base article on Western Digital NASes.

The package can be installed manually via the Applications dashboard of the NAS. The uninstalling of already installed Sync is not necessary.

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