Sync On Windows 8.1 Computer Now Shows "No Connected Devices" After Reboot.


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Before the Resilio Sync rebranding...

I've been running an older version, BTSync 1.3.109, successfully for many years now. No major issues until now.

I have 3 additional devices syncing to my older Windows XP computer (running BTSync 1.3.109):

1) a Nexus tablet, 2) a Samsung phone (operating system for both is Android), 3) a Windows 8.1 computer (also running BTSync 1.3.109).

Everything was syncing beautifully until the Windows 8.1 computer was rebooted yesterday.

After the reboot, there's no syncing on the Windows 8.1 computer. BTSync launches fine and all the folder/files load. But now under the Devices section, "No connected devices" is showing - even after many hours of BTSync running.

I've tried rebooting all 4 devices, but only the Windows XP computer. the tablet & the phone connect together & syncing is working.

I disabled the firewall on the Windows 8.1 computer then restarted BTSync - BTSynce.exe is listed in the firewall & both incoming & outgoing connections are ALLOWED - and I still have "No devices connected".

I tried rebooting the router, & I reinstalled 1.3.109 on the Windows 8.1 computer. That didn't help either.

I confirm that Windows 8.1 computer has internet access. Google Chrome works. Files download. Videos play.


So does anyone have any ideas why a simple computer reboot would cause this "No devices connected" problem to suddenly show?

It's as though BTSync isn't getting access to the router. Is that even possible... even it the firewall disabled?

Is there a Windows 8.1 service that needs to be running for BTSync to work? (Perhaps is got stopped for some reason). Or maybe a system file that is needed is suddenly missing/or got corrupted. I'm at a loss as how to fix this, although I'm sure it's something simple. What else can I try?

If anyone could help fix this "No devices connected" error then that would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I know my files synced on 4 January 2023. So I did a system restore for 27 December 2022 hoping everything would be working again. But nope, BTSync still not working.

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BTsync is from the actual point of view "very old". Why doe not install the newer Resilio Sync? Maybe one of your devices is updating or make other things or your Win 8.1 have now a update, which stops that software.

Best is to update on Resilio Sync, for Win 8.1 could not be a problem, the other devices I dont know. Since the current software is some years old maybe runs on all devices.

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Exactly the same in my case, on January 5 it stopped working.  New versions after 2 cannot be installed on XP.  I think the problem is in the peer servers

I have made more tests on different computers and different networks
In all cases versions 1.3.109 and 1.4.111 fail to see pairs. If I install 2.7.3 in such PCs it work correctly. This  reinforces my presumption about the tracker server or some updated security protocol that is no longer supported by Windows XP


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On 1/18/2023 at 7:05 PM, Andy+ said:

Maybe one of your devices is updating or make other things or your Win 8.1 have now a update, which stops that software.

Nope. I did a system restore on the Windows 8 PC to when both PCs were syncing fine. So it cant be due to any software updates. Windows 8 computer updates have been disabled since around 3 years or so ago anyway.

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Have you tried stopping BTsync and deleting the database, then starting it again?

I remember that the connections in BTsync, as in ResilioSyncFree, are made only through keys. So if the devices are not displayed, maybe except your own, the connections are lost, the question is then whether the keys are still correct.

Have you tried to disconnect all connections and reconnect them?

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