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  1. The same here. v 1.3.106. Documents folder with 11`000 files 8GB. Sync sees only 1`197 files of 426MB. The first beta versions I tried a year ago worked perfectly... but I deleted all old distro's
  2. At the moment there is a possibility to access anyones else "sync shares". It is dramatically small, but it exists. What would be great: 1) if we had a possibility to create our own trackers. For some situations, when I dont have Internet access, or security requirements are so that I cannot even share my "secret-key" with unknown tracker server. 2) if we had an additional authorization mechanism. 2 factor auth. Apart "secret key" for finding "sync shares" I need some "login\password" auth to have an access to the shared info. "Secret-keys" for finding shares on tracker. And "Login\Password" (or only "Password") for Client-to-Client authorization. Maybe even to use it for encryption. 3) if we had an ability to create "ReadOnly" shares. One-way syncing. Thanks!