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  1. I reinstalled Resilio and it reverted to port 28888. In the GUI I can't change the port since there is an exclamation mark and text that say "Connection setting overwritten by config". How can I change port?
  2. I've got Resilio sync running on a Synology NAS. When I click on the Resilio icon when I'm logged in to the NAS it gives me the wrong port in the link and sends me to http://[NAS_IP]:28888 while it should be http://[NAS_IP]:8888 (where I can login). When I was previously running BTSync on the NAS it was on port 8888. When I installed Resilio on the NAS I guess 8888 was occupied by BTSync so it got port 28888. I recently removed BTSync from the NAS since I'm using Resilio now. I changed the config file for Resilio to 8888 for consistency with the other Resilio installations I have. But it seems like the NAS still thinks it is on port 28888. How can I fix this so that I get the right port in the link?
  3. Hi, I'm using Resilio sync 2.4.4. Links sounds like what I'm looking for. Can I limit a shared folder to only accept share through links and not regular share keys? Is it possible to have an encrypted folder using the links?
  4. Hi, I'm using Resilio sync Free to sync folders across two computers/devices. How can I limit so only these two computers/devices can sync these folders? I am thinking of a scenario when someone else gets hold of the rw sync keys for the folders and would sync the folders to a third device. They would then be able to get and delete the content of folders. I would like to setup sync in such a way that it is only these two computers that are allowed to sync the folders no matter if someone else has the sync keys. And explicitly approve devices every time a new device tries to sync a folder. Is this possible to do in the free version?
  5. Thanks Olaf running sudo systemctl disable resilio-sync solved my issue. Just to sum up, when installing I should only: Edit resilio-sync.service file and run systemctl --user enable resilio-sync then rslsync will run under my user?
  6. I followed the guide here https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/206178924. I got everything setup and working. I then restarted my computer and now I have two instance of rslsync running. One is running under user rslsync and one is running under my username. When I try to access Resilio through I get to an instance that haven't been setup, I think it is the one running under rslsync (it suggest rslsync as the name for sync node). How can I remove one of the instances? Which one is best to keep, then one running under rslsync or my username? I guess keeping the one running under my username will make it easier in terms of folder and file access but maybe there is some other downside to it.
  7. Is it possible to setup mobile backup folders to be encrypted? I would like to back up my pictures on my phone to two places. In one place I would like a read only folder and in the other places I would like an encrypted folder.
  8. Hi, I have installed btsync-user from the PPA. It is up and running fine and I can access through the Web GUI. With older versions I was able to connect to the Web GUI from other computers than the computer btsync-user was running on. Have that been disabled now?
  9. Hi, I have a few folders setup for syncing. Most of them work fine but I have issues with folders that contain many files and subfolders. I have a music library that I know is about 53.8 GB in size and contains 11,092 items but in btsync I only see 50.1 GB 9,483 files. The diff in items vs. files could probably be due to that items take folders into account but I would expect the size to match. When I later try to sync this folder to another computer via btsync I see the arrow for download and also the size 50.1 GB that needs to be downloaded but is seem like nothing actually gets downloaded. When I go into the folder on the computer I try to sync to I can see the subfolders but no files. How should I investigate this issue? Any ideas on what is going wrong is welcome.