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  1. After being upset by the commercial release btsync 2.0 I launched a quick search to find an alternative free and open source. https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing Im agree that we can't live only with water and air but you have also to thinking about new business models community. Capitalism is not the only way !
  2. LET UNLIMITED SYNC FOLDERS FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://help.getsync.com/customer/portal/articles/1901266-sync-free-vs-sync-pro WTF ! If you want put somes ads in your free release to let us use your product completly I'm ok with this like utorrent...
  3. Whish to link Soshare with BTSync
  4. AAAAArrrgghh I can't wait
  5. I got it ! My Apologies GreatMasterMarko
  6. Share is not a crime !

  7. Hey, How to get invite to try Sync App ? Why make invite system ? Best regards Wync