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  1. Yes, the file turns to a 0 byte file after a while. I PM'd the log for this peer while it happened.
  2. Thx, I will try to provide you with the information needed. Was about to try the latest beta but the file was corrupted when I tried to install it ... I have four peers and one of them is a Synology NAS, the rest is WIndows 7. And FYI, I downloaded ProcessMonitor and a little while before the, the latest Tomcat version. Both files are 0kb ... BTS 1.4.103 Btw, using the extension Download Status Bar for downloads, perhaps that is the problem.
  3. Hi I love BT Sync. Best thing since soap on a roap. But with Firefox, whenever I download a executable file it is invalid when finished. It usually works if pause BT Sync while downloading. But this last time I downloaded Firefox installation to bring to work (offline installations only) and I did it about ten times. I closed the BT Sync (paused but still interfering?) applikation and finally I got my files. Check for file locks or wait for untouched files? Needs attention. Still love pretty much love it. For mostly static content. Regards