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  1. I have same problem with you, you can try the solution above... create temp folder, and btsync to the temp folder , after 100% transfer done, copy temp folder content return the folder you want them to... but I found btsync currently not suitable to do our work, still have so much issue for us... I am creating our own btsync like app several month ago...
  2. you can use predefine host.., search the forum you'll find what you want.. do not use tracker server and DHT
  3. BTTorrent Sync is an all-new-stype excellent transfer tool in the world, it combine both p2p and internet syncing utility, I think no one has fully thinking about how to use and help their working before...I am using Aria2 now, and it's help my work very much , How about checking "Aria2" API, I think it could be a good template for somepart... although "Aria2" is one of P2P tools, and also providing good and completely API example , But I think if you can provide some basic functionality with first step , It's already enough for so much MIS help doing there work.... for most import API I think
  4. Execellent, but I found while syncing already exist file, that file also be rename to suffix with ".!sync" , would you please change or add a option that should let user change the rule ?? While syncing a exist file, do not rename old file to ".!sync" , alternative create a new same file with suffix ".!sync" , but do not delete the old file before new file transfer finish !! for example: original "" is exist before, while the peer got new version of "" , the original "" still there, but the new version of start syncing and name as "!sync" while do that ? b