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  1. Reduce the hassle of users to type and mistype long key phrases... Easy way of sharing passwords could be: - QRCode generated on the desktop and scanned by the smartphone / tablet - Generate and share passwords between mobile devices by qr code or NFC!
  2. I am missing one thing especially over slow internet connections: Optional Basic file compression (e.g. gzip) before sending out any data Why do we need that? Well, create sample file under Windows OS, open CMD as admin and type: cd "C:\your\BTSync\directory"fsutil file createnew 10mb 10000000This commands creates an empty file with a length of 10000000 bytes equal to 10MB but the content are just zeros. If zipping this file with just basic compression it goes down to just about 12 KB in total size. BUT When BTSync transfers it the full 10 MB are send out. If compression is implemented it will speed up on slow internet connections when transferring files dramatically, especially if they have a high compression ratio. This should not be too difficult to implement and saves bandwidth which comes also very handy when we are thinking about mobile devices with limited data plans. I think this feature should be allowed to be enabled or disable in the options depending on the requirements of users, because it might lead to slightly higher CPU load. An option with the ability to choose a compression level would be even better.