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  1. Thank you but your suggestions does not help much. If I could move the whole share I would. I want to keep the main project share in it's current location, it is only one project that has grown too much that I right now need to move elsewhere. Now, how does btsync handle mountpoints? And symlink is usually a quite excellent tool, it's only this particular setup with btsync that is an issue.
  2. Having a share with subfolders synced between several machines. Now one machine is full so I need to move one of the subfolders onto an external disk. I don't want any changes in the share for any of the other machines. I moved the subfolder to the external disk and symlinked back into the share. Big mistake, btsync doesn't follow symlinks so the subfolder was removed from all other machines and replaced by a (then broken) link... I've spend several hours already restoring the share from .sync and it's still a mess with all timestamps set to just now and lots of older files that already wa
  3. From work machine I've rerendered the files into the folders they were deleted from. 2 folders with 375 images each. I cleaned up storage on the misbehaving laptop and restarted btsync on it. It synced all files more recent than the folders it messed with before but those two it continue f***ng up, deleting about half rerendered files in them. It deletes the files from my other shares and they are NOT moved to .sync. Only about half the files from each folder shows up in archive on both on work stationary and server. (and it's not the other half missing from the folders, it's random files
  4. I think this behaviour is very dangerous and can cause much damage and dataloss! Wouldn't it be wise to have som kind of protections so clients doesn't doesn't start to delete files from other machines when they are full? I forgot that the laptop was on and syncing when I started a new job using a lot of space (About 100Gb so far so reducing a log from 100Mb wouldn't do much...)
  5. I noticed today at work that files I was adding to sync, rendered animation image files so quite a lot and quite large, was dissapearing from their folders. It looked like it was a laptop with not too much storage that was deleting the files. Sure enough, the laptop was filled to the brim, not a single Kb left. It had started to send deletions and replacement files of 0Kb size to my other machines... I pulled the plug on that one and don't want to turn it on before I find out what damage it did so I don't know what version of BTsync it ran, but it was older than the 1.4.103 I have on my work
  6. I installed BTsync at my Debian server (arm) but it keeps segfaulting after running a little while. After restarting BTsync the folder list in the webui is empty so I have readded the shares a few times (3 other machines were already synced so I added with existing secret keys). Suddenly the size column reported 0b in 0 files for one of the shares. Checking shares on another machine it rapidly decreased in size, deleting files. I quickly killed btsync on the debian server but about half of the files had evaporated from all synced machines. Luckily I had one machine that was turned off during a