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  1. if you edit the file locally the changes are propagated to remote clients, only remote clients will backup to the .SyncArchive folder (the local BTsync would have had to already had an copy of the file before it was locked Locked read only or RW by the program that is editing it) ​you need to use dropbox or other cloud based service if you wish to have full versioning (moved all my important stuff back to dropbox at the moment as bit hit or miss at the moment the way BTsync handles files)
  2. if i save/edit a file in this case keepass on a desktop pc and then look at the device copy, it seems to override the desktop copy,it even says so in the history <Phone> added file on desktop overriding the newer version, where as on desktop to desktop when i edit them it says <computer name> Updated file (it did it twice 2 added from phone as it showed in the desktop history is when it uploaded a old version from my phone when the desktop had newer version) but sometimes it says updated from <phone>, just when it says file added on desktop it wipes out the newer version from
  3. at the moment i would recommend not using live data that changes often with BTsync at the moment it's too easy for other BTsync to incorrectly sync and lose data (lucky enough BTsync had moved the newer version into trash), so went back to dropbox for that can't have keypas getting overwritten like that the mobile phone android app btsync is doing it as i can see from the history that the mobile phone app added the file and removed the newer one (that was lucky placed into trash) static data files for btsync is ok as that does not change main issue at the moment they are relying on date to che
  4. please complete your words as well use a VPN next time (free one hotspot shield with ads) or should i say All the time when at a public Wifi hotspot (as they not be able to detect if your running bittorrent or be able to sniff any of your data like usernames and passwords) do make sure you exit BTsync before connecting to the wifi hotspot and fire up the VPN before you re open BTsync
  5. the remove button Needs a confirmation box only just noticed that the date format is hard coded for USA date format, Yes 2013/06/21 should be the way to do it (or at least poll the system for the date format (all programs do this as a basic thing surprised that this has not been done) be interesting if coder did the same thing (ish) with using System time/date instead of using UTC 0 offset when checking for file changes as that could be a issue when say i share a sync folder with someone in the USA with time zone of -7 hours as he would always have the newer file timewise even though the UK us
  6. right now there seems to be a issue with the password generator (1.1.22), the first letter at the moment of posting is always a A when i press Generate on windows 7 x64 PC do you have a debug command i can use so i can send you something, i have not restarted the pc yet but i have closed and reopened BT sync and it does the same thing
  7. also is it 1000MB ? as its just says 1000 the android BT sync seems to work (i can now securely sync my keepass key file and password file now, as dropbox is insecure for that) another question as well the secret need a limit of 100 chars as once you get past that number it starts to become an issue with displaying it in the Advanced tab (i gave it a 1000 char one and it accepted it just as a test) the copy button works (it copies the 1000 chars) also when/If you do put a limit in Please Tell the user that you're going to be cutting it off (like Max Secret is 100/min 32, Next to where it says
  8. when you dismount the volume it will sync changed parts of the TrueCrypt container (it does not need to Sync all of the container) when it next checks for changes (up to 600 seconds i changed mine to 60), you must have the preserve modified date stamp not ticked as BTsync does seems to depend on it (as TC container files do not change Size), so can't see how else it can detect if the file has changed (sure windows vista/7+ has a way of doing this) BTsync syncs the file in blocks of 4MB and the way TrueCrypt works save a 1MB file to and dismount it you find it will only sync 4-8MB ​i have been