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  1. I'd also like to see the delay changed for predictably small files (perhaps by extension) like .txt or .html .css .js .tpl to 2 seconds or less from the current 10 seconds, if possible.
  2. Lower the 10 second file sync start time for specific file types that we can guarantee are small, such as .html .htm .css .tpl .js .php .txt This will enable developers to push files quicker and use syncapp for remote development work. Dropbox is around 4 seconds. Could we do 1-2 seconds? etc.
  3. Hello, we've just developed an that uses your product to share files with users. We use the linux server version, there are a few minor issues with the ubuntu version. I've listed them here (in the wrong thread doh): It's mostly around race conditions that can come up, configuration valdiation and ensuring uptime. Cheers, Joe
  4. Hello, Thanks for making such a great product, our use case is to put up to 1000 shared folders in each configuration file (per port) to allow customers to develop their shopping sites removely. I'll try to keep my error list and features request precise. A race condition exists when one single file is being used for multiple shared folders - where, when one of our shared folders is created and a shared folder is deleted by two separate processes, one of the updates can go missing. BTSync needs: 1.) To check a shared folder exists when loading a configuration file and if not, skip tha
  5. We're a new shopping site service / API, BTSync is awesome and we've set it up to allow clients to remotely sync files they're developing. Our site is
  6. Hello we've just started using your product. The ubuntu debian "btsync" version. One of our use cases is to sync client folders with remote developers. We have many "shared folders" (we intend to have up to 1000 per configuration file) and BTSync can "bug out" without an error message if a folder is missing. This is a possibility in production because a race condition exists with adding and deleting shared folders within a single file. This is undesirable - it would be better to provide a warning on the command line and continue loading the remaining of the folders - with an "OK with err