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  1. Same issue here. Problem seems to be since an update between October and the latest. My devices: Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note 10.1 2013 , both running on Jelly Bean As explained by the OP moving images or deleting images on the hand held devices will cause several 0 B image files to be created once you start to sync with your Pc! Deleting these files manually doesn't seem to always work. Bitsync will just recreate them again next time you sync.
  2. Hi everyone. I have the problem that I cannot set the speed limit of downloads and uploads. I have set it to 150Kb/s because my connection is slow and there are other machines in the network which also need some speed. But Bittorrent Sync will still download or sync with the maximum speed it gets. Is this a bug or is there a fix? Thx