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  1. Hi all, thanks for new version. As I see #1 Sometimes status of peers are inconsistent, for example, status is "ok" on Windows ui (1.4.91 beta) and status is "out of sync" on Android (v. If I push "sync" option under the folder on the Android, a dialog will show with "sync xxx file(s) yyyyy MB" . I don't know exactly what kind of files would be synced, okay I pushed "OK" and nothing happens. #2 If the filename contents accentuated letters (for example, á) the windows program will create *!sync" file and it does not sync the original file to Android. It can be fixed, I renamed the file and after this the syncing is working well. Nice to have: * the columns can be shorted on Windows UI * the options of shares will be shown well if the window of btsync is not wide as well * any action can be set for row selecting Thanks and regards!
  2. I don't think so. SDcard is a internal storage and it is integrated into mobile, The external can be removed and changed. I read a lot about it and I can see that basically Google doesn't want you to use externalSD. Basically all apps on KitKat are prohibited from writing on External SD except onto one designated directory (i.e., "/Android/data/"). no 3rd party apps are allowed to write anywhere else on external SD.The BTSync is a 3rd party apps. I'm so mad at Google! I would like to use nasty words.
  3. thank you RomanZ, it is working well, but there are other issues for me. Let me think what kind of problem there is. * I have to organize my folders => all of them should be moved into BTSync folder * my folders will be deeper in the tree structure on external SD => I cannot easily manage them on Android * I have to change some parameters of Android program (e.g. Quickpic - default picture folders, Keypass password database) after all it is my problem, it is not yours.
  4. Hi, I know that the syncing is working well on the SDcard, but the the external card is bigger than sdcard and there are lot of data which should be stored and synced. otherwise my phone is not rooted and I don't want it. I just want to use my external SD on and on.
  5. Hi RomanZ, Can you give me more detailed information about it. I tried to add a folder which is on the extSDCard:
  6. same problem. My Samsung mobile was updated to 4.4.2 (KitKat) and now I cannot write to external SD card, I get an error saying "Don't have permission to write to selected folder" Can it be fixed with BTsync upgrading or do I have to downgrade my Android?
  7. You are right, we able to sync all in sdcard and extsdcard.... but if you check your synced folders you will see 2 hidden folders. These folders are created by BT sync. The android specific app folders can be read only and if the BT sync doesn't create 2 hidden folders the BT sync can do a backup app folder too. Just a theory.
  8. I use the bittorent sync program on non-root Android 4.3. The syncing is working well with version 1.2.12. We know that there are folders (e.g. applications are installed) on Android memory which can be read only at best and we cannot delete, modify the objects on this part with 3rd party software like BT sync. Namely the BT sync wants to create hidden folders in the synced folder (.SyncID, .SyncIgnore) and the Android doesn’t allow the access. Sure if the program can manage, collect the sync specified information elsewhere and it will do a backup of all the folders which are on the Android memory. (and then therefore we probably don't have to root our device) Why doesn’t it work this way? Is there any reason? Could you explain, please? Regards, ITcrowd
  9. Thanks, it is working well! When will it be on the market? Tapatalk-kal küldve az én GT-I9505-el
  10. I'm having the same issue and in my opinion the syncing is not working well. Based on the my sync.log the local file is older than remote file. It is very strange because I've modified the file on the local side only. Windows: 7: 6.1.7601Desktop client version: 1.2.73Android version: 4.3 - Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505)Android client version: 1.2.9Otherwise it can be reproduced anytime on desktop::1., to be created a file with any contents on the Desktop... - the created file has attributes on the Desktop as follows: Last write time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,929 Creation time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,928 Last access time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,928 Change time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,929 2., after this the text file is synced between Desktop and PC 3., to be modified the file on the Desktop again - the modified file has attributes on the Desktop as follows:Last write time: 2013.11.17 19:22:28,722 Creation time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,928 Last access time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,928 Change time: 2013.11.17 19:22:28,722 4., after this the text file is synced and it seems to be that the file will be changed to before version - 2nd synced file has attributes on the Desktop as follows: Last write time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,000 Creation time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,928 Last access time: 2013.11.17 19:18:53,928 Change time: 2013.11.17 19:23:45,270 The 'last-written' and 'change-time' attribute get changed together when someone writes to the file (or else when someone deliberately changes the last-written time). The 'change-time' is a file attribute but applies to all data streams. So, for example, if you change some property (e.g. read only) that will change the 'change-time' attribute only. In my opinion in last case the file 'change-time' can be changed by Android sync, I don't know why, maybe it can be a bug and therefore Desktop client can see that the Android's file is newest. It would be better, if others can check it and I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible. Regards, ITcrowd