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  1. It's basically the same that is being described here: The up/down indicator in the GUI shows sometimes some "movement" (0.1-0.4 kbps) but the files seem not to be transferred (shown by the fact that there is no temp file in the "target" directory).
  2. It's the same problem I'm having. I also tried deleting some files (which propagates correctly to the other PC) and adding them again: BTSync synced only one file, leaving the other 2 in a sort of limbo. Both ends know and show there is still this data to be transferred, but the transfer does not happen.
  3. Hi everyone. I finally seem to have solved the problems with the fixed port but I'm now experiencing very very slow syncing between my two computers (laptop with Linux Mint 14 at work and Desktop with Win7 64bit at home). I use BTSync to sync a couple of folders that contain important documents, so that I have them both at home and at the office. The sync is actually an upload from the laptop to the desktop, because I usually edit these files when I'm at work, and "backup" them to the desktop at home for both security and accessibility. I have a 50/10 mbit connection at home and a more "normal" ADSL connection (5/1 mbit) at the office. Not so good for upload, but still plenty of bandwidth for syncing just a few small files. Still, syncing is very slow, around 0.1 kB/s with peaks of 0.5 kB/s. But most of all, on both computers, one sync never completes (both ends saying the laptop has to upload 222.6 kB, which never happens though). [Edit: I solved this, it was a problem cause by two files with same name under Linux. Slow sync problem still happening though.] I can provide logs if needed. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Oh, ok, thanks. I've now followed the instructions in the posting although my configuration is strictly single user, so this was not going to be a real problem. The real problem is BTSync not working :-)
  5. This is even stranger: BTSync now stopped working. I thought it was due to a problem of port forwarding, but it isn't. I'll try to supply the sync.log files for this, because I have no idea why it's behaving like this.
  6. You are right, it's not running with any config file. What would happen if I modified the /etc/btsync-user/btsync-user.conf file? Would I achieve the same result this way, without specifying the config file to use? Or is this an abomination? Thanks
  7. Hi, my BTSync installation on Linux Mint 14 basically stopped working. I suspect there is a problem with UPNP opening the listening port on the router. I noticed that this port changes everytime I restart the system (or BTSync), but I'd rather open one fixed port on the router. I tried editing the ~/user/.btsync.conf file but I noticed that everytime I restart BTsync, this file gets overwritten and the changes are lost. How can I fix this? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the information. I'm using the btsync-user package, and I noticed that if I let btsync autostart, the icon does not show. It usually shows if I launch the program manually.
  9. Hello, I'm running Linux Mint 14 with Mate as the desktop environment. BTSync seems to be running fine, but it's been a couple of days since the tray icon of BTSync has disappeared. I've also tried killing the btsync processes and launch the program again, but nothing changed. It used to show up the fist few days of use. Any suggestions? How to debug this issue? Thanks
  10. Well, this is pretty strange... I arrived at the office, started my laptop and BTSync started syncing the Calibre Library all by itself. No intervention needed: it self-healed
  11. Ok, I will. It will need some time because the laptop is a work while the desktop is at home. Anyway I suspect there is something wrong with the read-only secret because I tried using it on my Android smartphone and even there the btsync app does not see any files. [EDIT:] I stand corrected. It works on the phone! That means the problem lies in the Linux version. Inviato dal mio Lenovo A820 utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. o-awesome-o: first of all thanks for replying! I am 100% sure the sync does not actually take place. New files that are on the desktop are not on the laptop, and I used the file manager to check this (I don't have calibre on the laptop). Also the web interface on the desktop looks ok (it has the correct count of files) while on the laptop it says: Folder: /mnt/dati/eBooks/Calibre Library Size: 0 B in 0 files BTW, the desktop runs Windows 7, while the laptop has Linux Mint 14. Anyway, for debugging, I did not understand something: do I actually have to create the file debug.txt with content "FFFF" in the folder where btsync binary resides? I've found a sync.log inside ~/.btsync (but it is 40+ MB big). Do you need this?
  13. Hello, I'm trying BTSync, which looks like a great idea in my eyes! I've set up a folder to be synced between my desktop and my laptop and everything went smooth. But then I tried to set up a one-way sync and it did not work. Basically, I want my calibre library (it's my ebook library in case someone does not know) which resides on my desktop to be "replicated" on my laptop so that when I add a book on the desktop it will show on the laptop too. So I opened the desktop, set up the local calibre folder as source, and copied the read only secret. Then I went to the laptop, set up again the local calibre folder (which is intended as destination) and put the read only secret in the secret field. Is this the correct procedure? Because if it is, it's not working: no files are being synced between the desktop and the laptop, even though there are many new files on the desktop that are not on the laptop. Any suggestions and help appreciated. Thanks