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  1. I successfully renamed a few folders last time I tried.... batch renaming files still fails.
  2. I just did a batch renamed files after sync was 100% finished. Then a bunch of "removed file" history started showing up. On the other computer, lots of files were put into .syncharchive and files are being transferred all over again it seems. Once again bittorrent sync has failed to translate renaming. I'm dealing with close to 8000 files by the way.
  3. How do I check that? Is that just whether it is "read only" or "full access"? So if it is "full access" then it has a full control key? Both folders have full access.
  4. You said "when computer B wakes up" which is not the scenario I described. It should be "when computer A wakes up"
  5. A's computer's bittorrernt sync might have been off or paused. B's computer changed the name of the folder, not all files were done syncing. A's computer put files into .SyncArchive, probably any the files that didn't exist on B's. This is a bug. I want to be able to change a folder name even if the files in that folder are not synced on both computers. Bittorrent should be smart enough for this.