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  1. It does for me, but my purposes may be fairly simple. I primarily backup/mirror loose files kept within the local "sdcard" and Nandroid backups (TWRP, clockworkmod) which are basically tarball archives. My assumption would be that the tarballs keep up with symbolic links and anything UNIX specific. To BitTorrent Sync the tarballs are just regular files. I have root access on both devices where I use the approach, so I'm not really tested with other setups. Does that answer your question?
  2. You can use bind mounts, but I think that requires root access. Here is a short script that I ran at boot via Universal init.d: #!/system/bin/sh# Use with Universal init.d# Place at /system/etc/init.d/clockworkmod-mountmkdir -p /clockworkmount -o bind /mnt/shell/emulated/clockworkmod /clockworkThis makes an otherwise hidden directory visible to BitTorrent sync so I can replicate my ClockworkMod Recovery backups on my Nook tablet to peer devices for backup. If you wanted to link in other content you could do somethin
  3. RomanZ, Thanks for the reply. In my case I completely removed the content from all peers and created a new Sync Folder on the source system. That system is the one which showed only 1/10th of the total files available in the Windows profile in the Folder view within BitTorrent Sync. Regarding that profile and being logged in, I logged in as the local Administrator account and not the user account tied to the profile I wanted to replicate. This was after a reboot and after applicable file handles should have been released. I can understand that some file handles might be open due to an Anti
  4. Did you ever find a resolution for your issue? Your problem sounds similar to the issue I've noticed with trying to sync a Windows profile folder.
  5. Hi, I looked over the Unofficial BitTorrent Sync FAQs list and found a section that somewhat matches my situation: Reading that gives me the impression that the actual number of files would be listed correctly within the app, but just not transferred for one of the reasons listed. In my case, the number of files is vastly different: Around 3000 listed in the app and around 33,000 actual files Permissions are good as I'm running the app as a local administrator account and I have explicitly reset the Administrators group as having full access and "pushed" permissions down. The so
  6. I understand why putting "0" in the sync_trash_ttl would disable tossing items, but based on the naming (and manual description) wouldn't putting "0" in the folder_rescan_interval stop new items from showing up?